1. error for groupby in Cpanel

Solving this by paste this code into your constructor class

$this->db->query('set session sql_mode=""');

2, If you getting the error to fetch the value of ckeditor here is the solution.

.then(editor => {
ckeditor = editor;
.catch(error => {

ckeditor is global variable

var editor2Data = ckeditor.getData();

this will show you the data.

3. if you want to add value in serialize method you can use this method

var formdata1 = $obj.closest("#note").serialize()+'&'+$.param({ 'notes_value': editor2Data });

After serialize method you can concat your name variable



Open you cpanel and go to the terminal and type

mysql -u root -p

and your password — once you have done with your password use database

open cpanel in another tab and go to the cron jobs and see the path of your project.

once you copied your path paste with the source command and run your db is on.

source path od sql file and hit enter.